90 Cams Capture Lit Cigarette Causing NYU Dorm Fire

In imagining future “always broadcasting” scenarios, I could have not conceived such a hysterical one.

The Onion (have I mentioned it’s the best written comedy evah?) reports on police changing the cause ruling of a NYU dorm fire… “after examining the evidence from 25 iPhones, 15 blackberries, 10 video cameras and 40 digital cameras obtained from the students who attended the party we were able to reconstruct every segment of the event.”

The concept is brilliant, the writing is sharp, the photos are fantastic cliches, and the acting is deadpan. It’s like imagining the Kennedy assassination with hundreds of Zapruder films. Only it’s not an assassination. It’s Danny Gordon’s lit cigarette, and it was captured on 2400 photos from 14 angles.

I’ve watched this about 5 times and I’m still noticing things like a tweet during the event, “fuck this dorm its on fire.” Oh, to be an extra on The Onion… a girl can dream.


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  1. And when we come back – “Why that headache may be cancer …” ha ha ha.

    I still wanna brag that the Onion started out in MADISON, WISCONSIN. That’s right. We had it here, first.

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