First Ever Photo of Four Kids Smiling

Today I publish my first-ever un-photoshoped photo of all four of my children smiling. In a written statement, Kevin Nalts said:

“This photo has not yet been retouched, and it would appear that all four are smiling and not fighting.”

Wifeofnalts was unavailable for comment. This photo was taken before Sunday’s First Communion of Patrick, and all four kids were later spotted in t-shirts covered with mud and ticks (but not lice).

nalts kids katie patrick grant charlie

Katie (age 10), Charlie (age 5), Grant (age 6), and Patrick (age 8)*


*these ages have not been verified by my wife, and are subject to change.

13 Replies to “First Ever Photo of Four Kids Smiling”

  1. I was totally gushing over this picture yesterday.

    Now where’s the one of Charlie playing soccer? LOVE THAT SHOT!

    Soccer, FTW, btw. It’s the only sport I can see that kid kicking ass at…as we saw his bball skills already. Not to mention I taught him to run away from the ball after he throws it. OOPS!!


    PS. Good job on the ages.

  2. @1 Okay- so Charlie’s good for a soccer scholarship. Now I need to figure out how the other 3 will go to college. Maybe BSON can home school them.

  3. *these ages have not been verified by my wife, and are subject to change.

    Muwahahaha… I laugh, but I realise I have no idea how old my own siblings are so I also sympathise. =P

  4. I can’t believe how grown-up Katie is looking… and how big Charlie is, I remember him as a toddler!

  5. ^^^^^^ :o) Fifth kid smiling! Jason (Age 36)

    You’ve got some explaining to do!

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