I’M COMPULSIVE? No this guy’s compulsive

Writer Jim Edwards called me compulsive, and linked to this blog post (where I posted a video from vacation) for proof.

Mr. Edwards, this is compulsive (see video below called “real life twitter” by CollegeHumor).

And maybe it was compulsive of me to crawl around in airport. Or shave my head. Or hang around in a mall pretending to have unusually loud private conversations.

But vlogging from vacation? We can do better than that, Jim Edwards. If indeed that is your real name.

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.

10 thoughts on “I’M COMPULSIVE? No this guy’s compulsive”

  1. Great post Kevin! Thougthtful and insightful as usual. In fact, I’d give you a big fat kiss if that wouldn’t be like kissing my brother. Ew.

  2. Man… that guy sure has a bug in his craw over you Kevin. Sounds like someone has an eCrush. Jim Edwards stated “If I can’t have Kevin… NOBODY CAN!!!”

    Hey Jim… have you ever heard of masturbating? You don’t need Kevin to bust a nut. You can take care of it yourself. If you feel you need something a bit more substantial than your hand you can always get a blow up doll. I also hear craigslist has some good options too.

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