How to Keep Your Videos Copyright Clean

Daisy Whitney Customized Her Hair Based on Viewer Feedback

Daisy Whitney Customized Her Hair Based on Viewer Feedback

New Media Minute‘s Daisy Whitney has published an eBook titled “Keeping You and Your Content Out of Courts.” WillVideoforFood readers can enjoy 50% off the $34.97 by using the promotional code “Hitviews.” (I work with Hitviews to connect advertisers and online-video audiences, and its a sponsor of the book. Stand by for a new redesign).

We all need to keep our videos from violating copyright laws, and if the $17.48 price saves you 45 seconds of an attorney’s time… it’s paid for itself already.

Keeping Your Content out of court
Some of the book’s topics that we discuss here at WVFF without any authority:

  • The Four Fair Use Factors
  • The Transformative Test
  • The Difference Between Parody and Satire
  • The Four-Pronged Test
  • Understanding Marketplace Harm
  • Is News Exempt?





For a free excerpt and to learn more, check out her eBook page. Just get your 3D glasses ready for her patented pink and gray branding.

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  1. Hey, you know what? The principal at my son’s school is a cunt! First class douche. In fact, if Donald Trump decided to start a “Miss USA Douchebag” pageant that woman would win hands down.

    If you really want to know how I feel, go look at my rantings on twitter.

    I know marilyn, I spelled pageant wrong. Don’t care.

    Oh and congratulations on the book Daisy.

  2. Oh really? You think that that group up there in Washington is going to pass legislation that changes the copyright laws in a way that broadens fair use?

    ‘scus me while I hold my breath.

  3. Hmmm… isn’t Disney one of the more copyright crazy corporations? Don’t they look at the issue from a decidedly corporate point of view? So, for whatever the price is you wind up paying to receive corporate propaganda. There seems to some irony in there somewhere!

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