13 Replies to “Happy Birthday Nalts!”

  1. I remember when I turned 40. I decided to kill myself. I set a pretty long time line for that, about 65 years. I am right on track! 56 years and counting!

    Happy Birthday! You broken down old Viral Video film maker guy you..

  2. Happy Birthday, old person.

    In all seriousness, keep up everything. You’re old, but you’re further ahead of the curve than most of us young people. YT needs to hire you as head of a new sponsored videos division and pay you scary money.

  3. Who’s Nalts?

    Holy Hell, 40!!! Is the Queen of England like your sister or something? That’s old! =)

    Happy Birthday buddy!

  4. What, you’re 40? Don’t worry about it. I’ve heard in recent studies that 40 years old is the average age for a crazy uncle who wears a lampshade on his head at parties, so you at least have that to look forward to.

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