FOL (farting out lout) at my 40th Birthday Video

Nutcheese, among the first to discover my videos and promote them to her friends, assembled some of my favorite YouTube peeps for this birthday video. Some “FOL” (fart outloud) moments, and I’m extremely grateful for the time, humor, talent and familiar faces contained here.

It’s a reminder that YouTube is more than a video-sharing site, but a great big, wonderful, dysfunctional family.

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  1. @1 I’m gonna have to disagree with that. Because that would make 22 the new 12…and that’s just awkward.


  2. ah, finally another good collab around here. It’s been a while. I see that Jawharp’s ukeleleing is still as annoying as ever in these things, and Zipster is still as wacky, and PeterCoffin is still doing them all the time…

    wait. That’s not right! Was PeterCoffin SERIOUSLY in a collab? Why, it seems like just yesterday he was badmouthing them mercilessly on here!

    Anyway, happy 40th Nalts, from your favorite usual commenter that you probably find incredibly irritating, annoying and unpleasant, but are too polite to say anything about it, Reubnick.

  3. I just left you a message on Facebook. Facebook is the new YouTube.

    You’re not THAT old, Kevin, but I still think it’s time for you to grow up.

  4. You think you’re so cool cause you get to go to Bermuda for your 40th. Well, for my 40th, I went to Kazakhstan. So there.

    ‘Wait. Somehow that jab didn’t come out quite as snotty as I thought it would.

  5. @7 Wifeofnalts lives there.
    @8 Kazakhstan? Is that were Boris shot that movie?
    @9 Julia’s always blogging about her days getting driven around as a call girl between Pretty Women and Ocean’s 11.

  6. I was hiding in a dark dark room with a bottle of wine and my high school yearbook on my 40th. I cried and cried and…

    Aww who am I kidding..

  7. @f0

    Yup. That’s kazakhstan’s claim to fame. It’s also where hank was born.

    A piece of advice for you world travelers. Never go to kazakhstan.

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