15 Replies to “Trying to Relax in Bermuda”

  1. That looks fun, I guess. But admit it, you’d rather be running around honkey-town filming people with toilet paper hanging out they ass.

  2. My comments with url addresses are being blocked. The place hasn’t changed much since ’89. Enjoy.

  3. @9 So glad I could get the debt reminder while we’re spending away. The resort/airfare wasn’t bad, but you gotta stay out the Bermudian grocery stores.

  4. What the fuck is up with that Jim Edwards? You want we should roll his car while you’re on vacation? Just say the word, Nalts, and your back row will have his hide.

  5. @13 I could never actually encourage that while on public record. But pre-used TP adds drama. Hypothetically speaking.

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