Social-Media Monitoring in Real Life: 9 Beaches

So here’s a real-time gold-standard case study of social-media monitoring and action in just hours.

We’re at this 9Beaches resort in Bermuda (wifeofnalts found it via The Today Show and it’s far more casual and affordable than most places in Bermuda).

I did a small video this morning on my responseofnalts channel, and was planning on doing a better Bermuda video recap in the next couple days for the Nalts channel. I wanted to get rights to the song from 9Beaches website first (do do do do doooo). 

The cell phone rang after my afternoon nap, and it was the 9 Beaches general manager. Seems his US agency, Madigan Pratt & Associates had picked up the video presumably through monitoring technology or alerts. He was going to invite us back to the resort, until he realized we were still here. The rest of this story is in this video.

Ironic that I’ve been writing about video for 3 years and never used vlogging to do a blog post here, eh?

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  1. @1 Well that’s the thing- it wasn’t about fame. THe video only had a few hundred views. And it was far from promotional- just 9 beaches in the tags. Speaking of fame, though, Michael Douglass and Catherine Zeta-Jones live on the island. Maybe they’ll come visit.

  2. Nalts I’m standing here at the airport on my way to a first-class vacation experience in a prefer casual environment which is for anyone, like me, who loves the great outdoors, appreciates a comfortably chic soft-sided cabana located right on the beach and, coincidentally, is just what my doctor ordered when she said, “Take a vacation. Get away and relax, but don’t go any place too fancy, don’t even think about bringing a tie and make sure you pack those flip-flops!” and the ticket agent, here at the airport, who has been giving me some very funny looks and is, right now, dialing Homeland Security just mentioned that the airplane ticket you gave me is fake!

    Wait.. are those dogs I hear barking?

  3. @4 Maybe you can bargain for a trip to Mexico. I want to buy a shirt that says “my parents got swine flu in Mexico, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

  4. …I didn’t know that it was possible for you to make me hate you more than I do now.

    Well, as I sit here…crusty eyed from lack of sleep with Wizard 101 bickering going on to my right and cat harassing to my left, I see that it is possible after viewing this.

    I loathe you.

    More. Coffee. MEHHHHH

  5. That WifeofNalts is awfully good natured. I mean, she isn’t exactly ready for her closeup, Mr. DeMille.

  6. @6 I always wanted the swine flu. hmm… maybe I’ll get two, right after get a tetanus shot from the dog bites.

    Here’s something interesting, did you know that all you need to work for Homeland Security is a high school diploma or GED?

  7. @10
    You also have to have a good credit rating for TSA. This I know from personal experience.

  8. Nalts – I’ll get you an MP3 of the 9 Beaches tour music. Glad you like it! – the music and 9 Beaches. All the best, Madigan

  9. vlog for blog = success I think. felt more personal than blogs but with the blog tone for video.
    That is so cool, stuff like this is why I love social media!

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