13 Replies to “Nalts Commercial”

  1. Oh my goodness. AMAZING.

    I mean…the subject matter is a little bland, but you took a bland topic and made it AWESOME!!

    I’m in love with a video created.

    Helllooooo Jared!


  2. Jared’s a talented guy… One of those video contest guys I don’t mind losing to cause his stuff is so good.

  3. Interesting…willworkforfood.com is not published, in these hard times, you think that would be a popular site.

  4. Hey xjasongarciax,
    I saw that too. I don’t know why but, subliminally I typed that in the browser. At first I thought Huh? and then I realized I accidentally replaced the word ‘work’ for ‘video’. Funny. You are right, you would think that particular URL would be grabbed up and used. The guy who owns it probably wants too much food for it.

  5. Great video from our very talented Jared – now I’m a Nalts fan, too. But I think that’s Jared’s normal expression when he says, “Nalts is cool.” 🙂

  6. When I turned 40, I got news that I was a grandfather. You? You get your own commercial.

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