8 Replies to “YouTube Stars”

  1. Oh god, I can’t even listen to that. It sounds like as he sang, he was also trying to stay afloat in some quicksand. Plus, why was ShayCarl in there twice? I’d rather listen to dog barks edited to sound like Christmas music…which actually sounds like a pretty good idea right now.

  2. This is going to give me nightmares.

    Like that creepy “dog” that was at your house the other night. Spanky.

    That dog is not right in the head. As in…he’s severely brain warped.

    You’re almost 40. Sucks.
    But at least you’ll have a tan…

  3. …Spanky’s tongue hangs juuuust out of his mouth.

    All the time. Not to mention he’s 3 years old and doesn’t know his name and wanders into traffic without flinching.

    And you thought the dog with “the eye” was special. HA!!!

    When did they change Quincy’s name to Rusty? Rockin’ name.

  4. Haha. P.S. Wasn’t Marty…YOUR bird?

    Poor poor Kevin..

    I would have saved his remains…but all that was left was some feathers, his heart, and half of a foot…no joke.

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