4 Ridiculous Videos to Make Monday Pass Faster

Thanks to Jan for these four videos, which will make your Monday pass a bit faster. They’re all short, weird, and mostly dug from the river of dung we call YouTube.

  1. Lala Guy (in shower smoking something)
  2. Man Bras (or “bro’s” as Kramer called them)
  3. England People at Englandshire (it looks like a Mighty Python parody but I think these guys are for real)
  4. How to Fail a DWI Test (the old hoot thought the breathalizer was a bottle)

Author: Nalts

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5 thoughts on “4 Ridiculous Videos to Make Monday Pass Faster”

  1. @1 I can’t take full credit for some of these gems – follow Peter Coffin on Twitter and you’ll just get lucky.

    See if you can figure out which one’s he posted

  2. My sister is being transported in restraints and cuffs to a nuthouse in Sherman, Texas this morning. It will be an unmarked car.

    There IS a God.

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