17 Replies to “Win Free YouTube Socks”

  1. I’d have to get an account to comment!?! WHAT?

    Not worth it, chief. I can get silly socks elsewhere…for example, in the middle of a Japanese Magazine I bought on Friday at a Japanese Marketplace. Those socks are great!

  2. I like how you get no respect over there either. Like, that marketingprof is all like “You keep you telling us you’re funny” and “so show us”.

    No spelling errors? Gee, you mean you’ve just been baiting people all this time? Nah!

  3. Wow, I’ve been reading the comments, and just saw the professor’s entry. What the hell is up her ass??? I can’t believe she would insult you like that. In fact, it makes my blood boil. I just may have to make a visit to that university of hers and give her and old-fashioned beatdown. I can’t let ANYONE diss my nalts like that.

  4. Some of the comments are crazy. Methinks the nutty Professor was personally offended. If anything, Nalts went overboard on self-deprecation! I don’t agree with the Viddler guy either. The Guild and WineLibrary are getting those sponsors because, like Nalts said, advertisers are testing the waters. These feel safer, but guess what? Sxephil still crushes their view counts. As do many other webstars.

    I like The Guild just like the next guy, but to say online audiences WANT that type of content over the webstar-solo act stuff is, in my opinion, poor analysis. Sure the technology is getting better with 16:9 players, etc. So what? It’s the experience an audience has with the content — and online audiences want to form a bond and relationship with their content provider. You can do that by staying behind the 4th wall and telling a story all the time. You have to break it, at least some times. And that’s why the largest, most consistent audiences flock to the most PROLIFIC and ENGAGING webstars.

    700+ Nalts videos beats the crap out of my 70 Wicked Awesome Films videos – and I’m Punchy for crap’s sake! 😉

    If I am able to bring “BOBJENZ” into the webstar stratosphere, I’ll owe A LOT to Nalts.

  5. @2 what medication are you on? I think I might want to try some of that.

    @8 I didn’t read it all yet, actually none of it, but I will; I’m up for a little ad marketing drama. btw, kill me now! Which reminds me, I hate knock offs and what PdF has become is a blatant zefrank knock off. gawd, I’m so damn tired of unoriginality coupled with a burden of a strong sense of justice (@11 @2) watching pdf these days amounts to the same excitement I get when faced with opening a .pdf on a mswindows based OS. ‘please be over, please be over, please be over…. jesus, open the damn file already!’ Perhaps there isn’t anything more to discover while flattery becomes the new safe word for plagiarism, and that’s okay, I guess, if one can at least make it their own for art’s sake or the sake of art, rather than, ‘I’m just too damn lazy and untalented, but hey I’m rakin’ in the buck$’ and that amounts to You Tube TV in a nutshell, like attracts like, right?

    c’est la vie – bb maybe

  6. After reading what the professor wrote I had to double check, make sure Golden Gate University wasn’t one of those fly by night riddled with law suits type Phoenix fake universities. To my surprise they are quite an established institution. That said, or more to the point what was said, left the funny taste in my mouth of those who can,do… How embarrassing for them.

    love note to viddlerjim – I know you’re no longer there, but the revver plugin sucks! I just needed to say that, nothing personal.

    you know Kevin I’m always here to help 😉

  7. @7, OMG! Are you on some new medication? If you are…flush it down the toilet immediately!!! I’m not used to you like this…so compassionate!

    Should I actually go back and read this biznatches comments? I only skimmed, sigh.

  8. Those who wish to participate in an intervention to get sukatra off personality-altering drugs, please email me at dahliaknickers@yahoo.com.

    To be wvff-worthy I should give a social networking site instead but I don’t want any of you knowing my real name.

  9. sukatra, please, give me some of your new meds.

    And also go read my post on the article. I dis you in it. But you know I still love you, right?

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