Video on How to Survive Swine Flu (parody)

This helpful video gives you free advice on detecting symptoms of the “swine flu,” and gives you some survival tips for handling the pandemic. Naturally it’s one of my videos, and it’s meant as humor.

If the YouTube version doesn’t load, here it is on This video is public domain- use as you wish.

The swine flu, of course, isn’t funny. But the paranoia, hysteria and panick behavior is fair game.

In the next week, we’ll see non-stop media coverage of the pig virus, and every network will have cool graphics and visually-compelling stories. Then by Friday we’ll be sick of the news, and it will give way to humor (after all, “comedy is tragedy plus time”). I’m just getting a jump start, you see.

If you’re really concerned, visit the website.

lady performs lude act with pig
lady performs lude act with pig

14 Replies to “Video on How to Survive Swine Flu (parody)”

  1. According to CNN who says according to the CDC 36,000 people die and 200,000 are hospitalized each year in the United States for flu related illnesses.

    feel better now?

    The odd thing about swine flu is it seems to attack more people between ages 25 and 40

    1. Wash Your Hands Often – good news for OCD hand washers

    2. Engage In Social Distancing – shouldn’t be hard for this lot

    3. Recognize the Symptoms And Get Help – it’s hypochondriac vacation season!

    still too soon?

    I’ve decided I’m not going to get this things The idea that this comes from a pig disturbs me greatly.

    Barbara Bush just had a pig valve transplant, think she’s more susceptible?

  2. …I was dying at the dreidel line.

    Oh my, Kevin.

    You warned me there would be a swine flu video…and right you were.

  3. Well I’m not seeing the impact of this blatant attempt to capitalize on topicality. But then again- there’s always the chance a network will want this as broll when they do the typical “look what consumers are telling each other.” Quite a difference from what Jan provides (actionable, real info) and what Nalts provides (mildly comedic relief from what will inevitably be an overblown “scare the Earthlings” story).

  4. Ahhhh Nalts, you cute, little piglet!

    This video brought me back to the good ol days of Naltsvision. Disgusting and funny at the same time, the booger video comes to mind for some reason.

    You nasty azz!!!!!


  5. @5 you’re just ahead of the curve, again. It’s too soon, give it another week when the nation finally runs out of bleach.

    I do want to note – since Obama’s been elected the funny all around has dropped immensely or immensely dropped. It’s like everything he touches is a media sacred cow, or was Bush too easy? What’s left of the GOP, the we’re just really that stupid crowd, is more pathetic and sad than funny or maybe we’re all so overwhelmed by the shear asininity (it’s a word, look it up) and the damage left in their wake it’s too hard to get it up any more, the laughs that is.

  6. So they said that we’d have a black president when pigs fly. Now, 100 days into Obama’s administration, we have swine flu.

    (Don’t yell at me; my friend’s black husband told her this joke!)

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