22 Replies to “Nalts in the News”

  1. aw. I wish I was on the news. Rest assured, if I were as newsworthy as this, my montage video would probably be 100X more egotistical. That’s some stuff to be proud of there, Nalts.

  2. You totally almost got us BOTH yelled at today when you chose to try and make me watch this instead of doing our chores.


  3. @11
    I’m using the latest version of Firefox, the current version of Flash Player, the latest version of Quicktime and have high speed internet and I still can’t get this video to stream past the intro.

  4. OMG! Isn’t that like the same news clip chopped up into like 50 pieces? I surrendered to your absurdity eons ago!
    Best part of the clip was WoN!

    ok, ok…I liked it! =)

  5. Finally got the player to work. This is a much better trailer than your “Trailer” trailer. Trailer…just like saying that..trailer..

  6. I just switched to Verizon FiOS about a week ago and love it. Today there were cable outages all over the area and I still had Internet.

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