YouTube Goes Hulu. Web Stars Promote Lionsgate.

YouTube has launched its answer to Hulu. Fred is doomed. Alf is back. The new sections are “shows” and “movies,” and involve content from Sony, CBS, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, BBC, and independent film studio Lions Gate Entertainment.

In perhaps an effort to soften the blow to amateurs, YouTube & Lionsgate hired well-known YouTube weblebrities including LisaNova and DaveDays to promote Lions Gate’s recent Crank movie.

DaveDay’s video is MIA. Here’s Xgobobeanx’s contribution, and ShayCarl‘s.

YouTube amateurs and professionals playing together like dogs and cats? What next? Fred promotes Alf?

It’s worth noting that the combination of the YouTube star power yielded more views (nearly 1 million) than an average homepage ad unit.

alf on huluWhat should I watch first? Blue Lagoon or Carrie?

10 Replies to “YouTube Goes Hulu. Web Stars Promote Lionsgate.”

  1. You know I keep hearing about these epic changes to the front page, but for some reason (I presume because I’m Australian, and YouTube is horrendously US-centric) my homepage hasn’t changed at all.

  2. What do you mean Fred is doomed, Nalts? That guy has made more money off of youtube than most of us ever hope to make in our lives. Even if he lost all of his legs, and became allergic to the internet, he’d probably be able to live the rest of his life off of the money he’s made.

    And for what it’s worth, I really don’t like xGogobenasx that much. Maybe it’s because she refused to talk me me at Yo-tube when Themightythor handed her the phone, but there’s something about her I dislike. LisaNova, on the other hand, I enjoy. Not sure why either, but I like her.

  3. Their sell outs.! How disgusting! (I can’t even find the forms to fill out)

    Who wants money & fame? Screw em’, losers have more friends anyway. Well, maybe not me, but in most cases I heard that was true.

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