Celebrating 100,000 Subscribers (and 65 million views)

Thanks to Scott Campbell of Net New Daily, who not only profiled me for this article but put together this exceptional group o’ talent for a 100,000 subscribers toast. Yey! Much obliged! 🙂

It wasn’t long ago that I could read ever subscriber’s name (with help from my guests) in a video under 2 minutes.

Scott- how’d you get Barats & Bereta? They’re harder to track down than LisaNova. And Matt, who proved that YouTube has been around since the 80s. And I was psyched to see Buckley, until I realized that was his look-alike named Mason.

11 Replies to “Celebrating 100,000 Subscribers (and 65 million views)”

  1. Hey,

    I just emailed Barats and Bereta. They unexpectedly responded just before I made the final edit of the video, so they got included.

    No worries :).


  2. congrats again! but just to keep your head from getting as big as the housing bubble before it popped remember 50,000 of those subscribers are just from the people who frequent this blog.

    Yes, we are that good.


  3. Well, I was gonna write you a disgusting message about being careful who you masturbate in front of while watching this video, but since I don’t know who any of the contributors to it are except for buck, and I doubt you beat off to buck, I guess this comment is meaningless. Just like all the other ones.

  4. ZOMG I just spit coffee from my nose, Sukatra. And thanks for the 50K sock accounts you subbed to me via. What explains the other 49K?

  5. I was searching through my 2005-2006 Youtube videos to delete the lowest viewed ones so that I didn’t have to reach 1,000 videos last week and guess what I found out? Youtube has shortened a bunch of my older videos from 45 seconds to 3 seconds, from 1:06 to 4 seconds, etc, etc. That sucks.

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