Nalts Trailer

Another attempt at a trailer for my videos, but still not where I want it to be. The challenge is that most of my videos don’t make sense when you only see a few seconds of them, so it’s hard to decide whether to show 20 seconds of just a few, or go rapid fire footage with music… maybe the answer is a blend.

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  1. Hey… I actually quite like it. Needs a “movie trailer guy” voiceover… “In a world where a camera lens is the eye, and laughter is the voice… One man rises like a Feces from the ashes to restore peace to the Universe… This summer has “Fart” written all over it… and that fart is… Nalts.”

  2. OMG! A trailer?! Aren’t those usually like 30 seconds to a minute long? Whatever happened to your 2 min rule and that was for a complete video!?!

    I say rapid fire with music. Oh, and leave the Renetto bit out. I don’t like seeing you without hair. (I don’t mean your everyday balding self either)

    @1 That would be awesome!

  3. I think the first part needs a little more editing, might have something to do with my attenti you know the you tube page doesn’t look any why do people fitness? my back end and the secret sauce is no reason for a showdown peter scott and how many more until marquise rick rolled spelling nazis are you sure? viral video farts OMG! renetto and nutchesse will love ever Obama again? biatch! a deeper voice than what you’re used and his wife google apple tag lines in time having sex while you’re not searching smeg revver junk for sale coffee milk bread fun fun fun in the sun sun cheese more spam oh the noise butter eggs holy cow bath to sleep a chance to damn this economic not too oh man lame dream on span is not very long, I liked it, but maybe other people have some suggestions.

  4. What the fuck? Why do you need a trailer? You’re making crap. Crap doesn’t deserve a trailer. Only big budget movies get trailers.

  5. If you’re talking about making a trailer like a “best of nalts” highlights reel under 2 minutes to show your advertisers, you’ve got to do better than the shit you’ve got in there. Huddle with your peeps for suggestions. And by peeps I mean us.

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