Topsy How Your Video Marketing

Since I don’t read Japanese/Chinese, I ran this recent article (which mentioned me) through Google translator. Check out the results, and put this topsy keen advice to working for you.

Topsy how your video marketing
David Carnoy “Entrepreneurial state” text / David Carnoy

凯文。 Kevin. 纳尔蒂(Kevin Nalty)在YouTube网站上非常有名(用户名Nalts),他还运行着willvideoforfood. com这个博客站点。 McNulty (Kevin Nalty) in the famous YouTube website (username Nalts), he also operates willvideoforfood. Com this blog site. 他建议雇用那些既了解视频制作基本知识又了解在线视频的人。 He suggested that the employment of those who not only understand the basic knowledge of video production and online video of people to understand. 纳尔蒂说:“我看到有些相当不错的视频作品,但缺乏快速流行视频应具备的基本原则,我可以说有些人是完全浪费钱。” McNulty said: “I see some video works pretty well, but the lack of rapid pop video should have the basic principles, I can say that some people are a complete waste of money.”

了解要点。 Understand the main points. 制作流行视频也许没有任何保证,但要想让它风行还是有些方法可循的。 The production of popular video may not have any guarantee, but to make it popular, or some method to follow. 纳尔蒂说,流行视频一定得有趣、性感、震撼、迷人或是互动性强,甚至要包括所有以上因素。 McNulty said that the popular video must be interesting, sexy, shocking, fascinating, or interactive, or even include all the above factors.

同时,视频绝对不应超过三分钟,最好一分钟左右就结束。 At the same time, the video should never be more than 3 minutes, preferably on the end of a minute or so. 你必须在最初15秒就让观众投入,结尾一定要夸张——这样才能引发观众不断传播你的视频。 You have to let in the first 15 seconds into the audience, at the end must be an exaggeration – in order to continue to lead the audience to disseminate your video.

与已有固定观众的视频作者联系。 Have fixed the audience with a video contact the author. 如果你是在线视频新手,可能获得的点击数很低(主要是朋友点击)。 If you are a new online video, the clicks may be very low (mainly friends click). 但是纳尔蒂说他的每段视频都有超过4万次观看。 But McNulty said that he has of each video watch more than 40,000 times. “获得稳定观众的最重要的方法,就是找到有固定观众的人来上传让你的视频,”纳尔蒂说,他有大约65,000名固定观众。 “A steady audience of the most important is to find a regular audience of people to upload your video,” McNulty said that he has about 65,000 regular viewers.

招募大学生玩家。 Recruitment of college players. 如果你的费用宽裕,可以雇用一些视频网站上的创作高手。 Off the cost if you can employ a number of creative video on the site master. 像纳尔蒂的要价是3,000美元~10,000美元。 McNulty, as the asking price is 3,000 ~ 10,000 U.S. dollars. 但如果你没那么多钱,纳尔蒂则建议,雇用一名业余的制作者,当然他的风格要吸引你。 However, if you do not have so much money, McNulty suggested that the employment of an amateur production, of course, his style in order to attract you. “那些大学生知道如何给视频好好包装,好让它们在搜索引擎里出现率更高,而且他们只要求几百块。”纳尔蒂说。 “Students who know how to make good video package, so that they appear in the search engine is higher, and they only require a few hundred pieces.” McNulty said. 理想情况是,最好能找个本地人,以方便面对面沟通。 Ideally, the best to find the locals to facilitate face-to-face communication.

传播、传播、传播。 Communication, dissemination, dissemination. 将视频传到分享网站上后还需要进行推广。 Spread the video-sharing Web site after the promotional needs. 最容易着手的方法,就是找那些你所处行业中能帮你传播视频的大腕博客作者。 The easiest way to start is where you find those who can help you spread the industry’s biggest video-blog authors. 对于流行视频,传播自然是重中之重,越快越好。 The popular video, the spread of the natural is the most important, the sooner the better.

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  1. Funny translation results. I use babelfish a lot since I’m learning Russian. Even though my Russian isn’t very good, I can often spot babelfish mistakes. The other problem is when you encounter degerate use of a language (spelling mistakes, for instance). Babelfish doesn’t make good guesses when the language is non-standard or contains errors!!! But babelfish is still useful to provide little clues that help out a little here and there, but just don’t rely on it to be more than about 75% accurate!!!

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