Parody of Billy Bob Thorton’s Radio Flip-Out

I was making $16,000 a year for the Georgetown Courier, when our photographer got news that Pierce Brosnan was shooting Live Wire. The determined photographer convinced the doorman at the Watergate to ask Brosnan if he’d let her take his picture. Then she asked if I wanted to cover the story. What a break! Brosnan’s handlers told me NOT to ask about James Bond, however. At the time, Brosnan’s Remington Steele contract forbid him from being the next Bond, and that was a touchy subject.

How do you think I opened the interview? How can you NOT ask about something so important to him? I did it delicately by asking him why it was so important as to not be discussed. And then he spilled the beans.

I’m reminded of that story when I watched the Billy Bob Thorton video, where his handlers must have insisted to the show’s producers that the topic of Thorton’s film career not come up. How can it NOT come up? Really? Are you now a rock star only, Billy Bob, in your post Angelena days?

But really, should Billy Bob Thorton be blamed for flipping out on Canadian Interviewer (QVT/CBC Radio) Jian Ghomeshi?

No way. It’s the interviewer’s fault. Here’s my experience with the SAME guy (Ghomeshi) last year. He made me so mad I was fixin to kill him with this lawnmower blade. Hmmm.

Footage used with permission by QVT and CRC Radio (I called their media team on commute home and spent hours more than you might think on this stupid video. The tension builds up around 6 minutes in the actual clip:…

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  1. Speaking of parodies, I parodied Bill ‘O Reilly hating on Eminem: – BTW, I highly suggest digg short URLs to all who are promoting videos. Nice way of asking for diggs without asking for them (which I still do).

    Nalts, you and I are both pretty good at whoring ourselves, no?

  2. Billy Bob’s band just cancelled their Canada tour after his weird interview. Among other things, he likened Canadian audiences to mashed potatoes without the gravy. The group’s most recent performances have been met with boos and shouts of “here comes the gravy!”

  3. The interviewer SHOULD have asked Billy Bob about wearing Angelina Jolie’s underwear. That’d provide some “context.”

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