11 Replies to “Billy Bob Thorton Loses Cool”

  1. What do you want from a guy who wore a vial of Angelina Jolie’s blood around his neck.

    Looks like he’s had a psychotic break.

    I am really impressed with the demeanor of the host. The man is a consummate pro.

  2. I can’t tell whether it’s serious or not, although frankly I think billy bob is too full of himself to do this kind of self-mockery.

  3. I’m usually good at spotting a fake, and I’m going to say it’s real. Because if it was fake, they would have pushed it just a few notches more. A good idea to get press, though.

  4. After your video mocking the mockery I moseyed over to the Billy Bobs music videos and, let me first say, I’m no country music aficionado, but these guys sounded at best like a good hillbilly bar band.

    And precisely, how can it not come up indeed, this band would be a blip without Billy Bobs other success, we don’t live in a vacuum and it strikes me Billy’s not stupid, so I think this was a set up, he was playing with the interviewer, ikes and can afford to be a smart ass.

    Whatever it was, it got him his blip and a good chuckle.

    There was only one thing that made me think it might be real, as sukatra said arrogance, the other band members looked like they were scared shitless.

    So, well played boxcutters or some people will put up with anything for a little coat tail fame.

    billy bib sings low

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