8 Replies to “You Can’t Bribe Me, Bitch”

  1. it’s a conspiracy!

    all the answers have been tweeted

    decode the message and win valuable prizes

    when you arrive at the end of the rainbow there is a pot waiting for you filled with certified confederate currency

    buy now before they’re gone

    hurry they’re going fast

    follow the bee

    burn that shirt!

  2. I say regulation is good. People shouldn’t be able to make false claims and not be held liable.

    Does that mean a sponsored blog is as effective as a sponsored video? Hell no. And a video has the edge there as it is far harder to misconstrue sarcasm when you are actually able to use a sarcastic tone.

    So I agree on the subject people should stop bribing bloggers, but would like to add that they need to start bribing me.

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