You Can’t Bribe Me, Bitch

I love that this article is working the circles (thanks Maruhlynne). Seems the FTC is so keen on stopping companies from manipulating bloggers, they’re making the companies liable for stuff bloggers write if they get a free sample.

Or wait- here’s another idea. How about you just stop bribing bloggers? How’s that one fit?

Here’s a parody on the topic…

Author: Nalts

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8 thoughts on “You Can’t Bribe Me, Bitch”

  1. it’s a conspiracy!

    all the answers have been tweeted

    decode the message and win valuable prizes

    when you arrive at the end of the rainbow there is a pot waiting for you filled with certified confederate currency

    buy now before they’re gone

    hurry they’re going fast

    follow the bee

    burn that shirt!

  2. I say regulation is good. People shouldn’t be able to make false claims and not be held liable.

    Does that mean a sponsored blog is as effective as a sponsored video? Hell no. And a video has the edge there as it is far harder to misconstrue sarcasm when you are actually able to use a sarcastic tone.

    So I agree on the subject people should stop bribing bloggers, but would like to add that they need to start bribing me.

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