The WillVideoForFood “Back Row” is 98% Funnier

Do you scan on your RSS reader? Or perhaps just check the headlines and dart past the copy? Well you’re not alone, friend, but you’re missing the creamy filling in the center of this donut. Here’s the comment feed.

Folks, please acknowledge the WVFF “back row.”

These are the people who really don’t care what the blog says, but are guaranteed to make my day with a witty heckle. I’m quite sure that I’d stop blogging if they ever stopped. And if I get hit by a bus, I hope they find another place to gather.

I tip my hat to you people that care not about advertising or business, but on ensuring that this blog doesn’t take itself too seriously. Let’s look no further than my last post’s comments as a wonderful example.

I salute you and the other fine members of the WVFF back row.


24 Replies to “The WillVideoForFood “Back Row” is 98% Funnier”

  1. Oh, come on Nalts! That’s seriously the best string of comments you can find to include as a picture for this post? I mean, yes it includes Sukatra being the most sarcastic and mean spirited person on here, but you forgot to include the things like Jischinger writing something really long I probably wouldn’t read, or PeterCoffin showing his dislike of colabs, Nutcheese’s daily comment about poop, or Maryline complaining about somebody spelling her name wrong, and most of all, you left out me being an irritating ego maniac.

    Actually, I wasn’t serious with any of that. I just appreciate any posts that merely allude to me. Like me or not, I am one of the WWFF regulars, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it…except be really mean and angry towards me or something to the point where I wouldn’t want to come back any more.

    Don’t get any ideas, you guys.

  2. Speaking of Kevin…

    When I was folding laundry today…I giggled at your snoopy shirt.

    That little fucker cracks me up…every…single…time.

    Thanks for not saving me any candy…really kind of you.

  3. “creamy filling in the center of this donut.”

    donuts have holes in the center.

    @2 what do you mean you don’t read my comments? I was writing them all for you. Now I’m crushed!

  4. @ 2, who are you?

    LOL…just kidding! =)

    You got everyone down to a “T!”

    Shhh! Don’t tell Nalts, but I come here for the comments too, not the posts and I like to play havoc with his little ego just like everyone else. :o)

  5. They wern’t really geckos either…they were anoles. Oh and they weren’t green. Well some of them were. But they still peed. Did I mention that they bit too? Rotten little suckers. Angry nasty disposition not like that friendly Australian gecko creature.

    What were you saying?

  6. Apparently, I just got kicked out of the YouTube revenue-sharing program. I think its because someone set a bot loose on my Google Video videos and it identified 4 (out of 992) videos that used YouTube’s Audioswap music. Well, I only had 10 more videos to make anyway. I’ll make them without getting AdCents.

    Google done me wrong.

  7. @Robnickel:

    I am not the meanest person on this blog, you little fucker. Bite me.


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Best comment on this post.

  8. @16: Kevin’s a good buddy who never forgets a favor, although he does forget to check his email or return a call. Marquis, what’s the deal with the 1000 videos? Are you gearing up for retirement, or getting a “real” job? Or checking out of this vale of tears?

    Ha ha, some people have more videos than Nalts … however, if you count all the videos Nalts has had to take down, I wonder what his count would be.

  9. @Sukatra: Thanks! I think…

    @Kevin: I do read the blog although I don’t usually have much to say. Since the “I got nothing” catch phrase has apparently been taken, I feel it is my duty to be as obtuse as possible. Cheers!

  10. @18
    Back in 2006 I gave myself a goal. If I couldn’t support myself with my videos by the 1,000th video, I’d move on to something else. I’ve made around $8,000 off my stuff but that’s a fail. Time to move on.

    9 more videos to go.

  11. by marquisdejolie

    I am holed up
    in my homeless veterans’ shelter dorm room
    like a bank robber.

    Here I sit
    in my seedy warehouse district hideout
    as if on the lam from the cops.

    There should be the flashing neon lights
    of an across-the-street all night diner
    blinking into my fourth floor window,
    but there’s not.

    Across the street from my window
    is a trucking warehouse
    and a troubled teenager re-education center,
    both highly fenced
    and daylight-only concerns,
    so there is no blinking neon
    to measure the night for me.

    There is also
    no ever-present roommate
    to measure the night for me here…
    not any more.
    No Ant
    playing his beloved Civilization Playstation game
    in between airings of The Simpsons,
    muttering under his breath
    that the Zulus
    or the barbarians
    or the Romans
    were out to get him.

    I spent a fair amount of time on the internet last night
    looking at recent photos of the New Orleans Mardi Gras
    trying to spot him in the crowds.

    I know he’s down there somewhere,
    having his New Orleans
    hobo adventure . . .
    and I could’ve gone, too,
    leaving this Inglewood sanctuary
    to add the New Orleans Mardi Gras
    to my own long list
    of hobo adventures . . .
    but I’ve stayed behind
    and now I must find new ways
    to measure the night in sanctuary.

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