Watch for Techno April Fool’s Jokes

A few of last year’s techno April Fool’s Jokes courtesy of NetWorkWorld

  • tempted users with such new products as the ZapCam, a combo video camera and tazer so the user could shock someone and film it at the same time. Also included was software for uploading the video directly to the Internet. The product list also included a USB pregnancy test and a new Wii game involving urination.
  • Google last year unveiled Virgle, in conjunction with the Virgin Group to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. “Earth has issues, and it’s time humanity got started on a Plan B,” Google said on its Web page.
  • YouTube Rick Rolled its homepage last year
  • Twitter faithful got an early April Fool’s jolt last year when a story about charging for tiered service went viral.  

What’s in store for today? Someone fool me. Nobody seemed to get my early April Fool’s joke last night, so I yanked the post.

10 Replies to “Watch for Techno April Fool’s Jokes”

  1. When are you going to post the videos we shot? Let’s see if this post yields psychotic e-mails from sociopaths in IT.

  2. Well, I’ll tell you what’s NOT in store. Another April Fools video from me! That’s because hhe only prank I ever do on April Fools day to my family is put a rubber band on the squirting thing by the sink, and give my dad a gross drink and tell him it’s chocolate milk. But, I mean, I’ve been doing the chocolate Milk thing since 5th grade, and after last year, I think my dad has come to expect it. Of course, I did try to convince him that V8 fusion sponsored me and that they wanted me to film him drinking the juice because everybody loves my dad. Talk about unbelievable. (Click?)

    Coincidentally, that was also the video that I was promised would be played on the Flixx55 TV show in New York that never happened. Oh what a disappointment. Just thinking of the words Flixx and 55 make me upset.

    Plus, the squirty water thing reserved for my mom (like every year) ended up getting my dad completely wet already. Twice.

    Anyway, what was I talking about here? I think the point I’m trying to prove is that April Fools day should be in the summer…

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