Rhonda Helped Me: How LandsEnd Embraced Social Media

Landsend tweets on landsendchat but brother gets the freebees? Common- what about the nephew!?


(UPDATED POST as of April 2): Props to Landsend. They found this video featuring my son who accidentally received my brother’s sheets. Gotta praise the company for monitoring social media, and even engaging. They even twittered about the video on landsendchat.

landsend twitter

Correction from my earlier revision of this post. Well before the video landed nearly 100K views, my brother and Charlie got letter and an embroidered beach blanket! Thanks, Rhonda! What’s especially cool about the whole thing is that LansEnd didn’t write us and ask for our address. They found them both. Which took a bit of research on their part.

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8 thoughts on “Rhonda Helped Me: How LandsEnd Embraced Social Media”

  1. The towel and the tote barely compensate me for the international humiliation I suffered for sending these to the wrong address. I figure I’m still owed. I’m a victim.

  2. Dear brotherofnalts… it’s the least I can do to repay you for breaking my collar bone when I was a child. Man that’s just almost as uncool as when you and our cousins Jim and Bob were hiding in MY tree fort shooting my ass with a BB gun. If I only had footage.

  3. My fan mail:


    Re: Sub

    Re: Sub
    Drunk Naked Pillpopper is my new favorite video.honest,twisted reality dysfunction i couldnt stop watching.reminds me of virginia woolf meets grey gardens meets john waters.very moving stuff.have u ever heard of Huck Botko? He made some revenge short films of him making recipes for family members holiday gifts with extra,disgusting ingredients added & then visits & serves the food gifts to his dysfunctional family all filmed eating,titles are Fruitcake(dad),Cheescake(sister),Baked Alaska(mom),&Grahman Cracker Cream Pie(brother).I dont think there on youtube,but would be worth tracking down.

    I havnt had time 2 watch the rest ur vids yet,but my friends & I are already memorizing the lines from pillpopper & using them for our everyday life.

  4. I used to work for Lands’ End. They’re a cool company. Why don’t you see if they want to do one of these deals (I don’t remember what you call them) where you give them some product placement and make four videos for them, etc. I mean, they already know you from the Charlie video – and you’ve made monogrammed sheets seem cool, instead of pretentious.

  5. I never told you this before, but I broke your collar bone on purpose. And we were aiming the BB’s at your eyes.

  6. Your address isn’t hard to find. Trying to decide what to send you in the mail…maybe some hair care products.


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