Fred Reaches 1 Million Subs. Nalts Reaches 100K?

There’s no question that YouTube’s Fred is about to reach 1,000,000 subscribers (see popular video with opinions on this matter). 

But how many do I have? Which count should I believe (both screen shots taken within past hour). Am I at 100K or approaching it?

Nalts has 96,312 subscribers

nalts has 100,776 subscribers

Speaking of accuracy on the Interweb, why is the Nalts wikipedia page looking like an ad? I didn’t touch it!

17 Replies to “Fred Reaches 1 Million Subs. Nalts Reaches 100K?”

  1. HAHAHA, wow. I remember a year or so ago I told two of the people/channels I did consulting for that “One you hit 200k subs, you’ll be tops! You’ll have a permanent place on the top ten!” I also said that groups like smosh would eventually quit Youtube and go off to another site/tv, leaving the top spot for somebody else.

    Boy was I wrong. But a year ago, who could have guessed what the most viewed would be today? If that person exists, they needed to be working for me, heh.

    I’m glad I’m out of that, though. I have since moved to Japan so I can focus my knowledge on my own work. If things turn out right, I’m coming for ya, Nalts! Knowledge is power!

    Haha. Right. I’m going to go play Japanese lotto…

  2. OMG! 90k more subscribers got suckered into your craziness?! Poor souls. I remember congratulating you when you got like 18k or something…haha, seems silly now.

    You ARE a pretty BIG deal on Youtube! :o)

    Congrats homeboy!

  3. I, for one, do not congratulate you on reaching 100K subs. By the time I get to your newest video it’s already got 14K views and 500 comments. Kills my comment mojo because I’m not gonna read 500 comments and I’m not gonna comment if you’re not gonna get around to reading it.

  4. ^ Jeeze, jischinger, I haven’t even posted the depressing stuff yet. I was saving them for my last 5 videos (videos # 996-1000). They’ll be 30 minutes long each.

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