Coca Cola and Google/YouTube to Publish Video ROI Study

Coke and Google are soon to publish ROI data on a campaign in Germany that includes online video. The study isolates individuals who were not exposed to television but did see YouTube promotion, and reports incremental consumption data by various digital channels. Paid search leads, of course, and YouTube ranks high (far above banners, which showed almost no impact… and outdoor advertising).

Jens Monsees, who heads consumer goods and healthcare at Google in Spain, teased the audience with info, but results are to be published jointly by Coke and Google. Monsees was speaking at’s “Digital Pharma Europe” in Barcelona today.

It’s about time we had a marketing mix study that includes online video, and I look forward to seeing the details. BTW- the average YouTube viewer is 31 years old.

5 Replies to “Coca Cola and Google/YouTube to Publish Video ROI Study”

  1. Coke is one of a very small number of global brands that almost everyone has experience with. There is no real communication required – coke is cool, buy coke. To the extent that Coke ads work on TV, they will work on the web. If the test results come back different then look to flawed protocol.

    TV ads will come to the net, just with a lot more competition and without all the money.

  2. Nalts, you’re think the average troll in the comment section of your vids is also 31?

    @marquisdejolie LOL, Shouldn’t Coke have the effect of ebola in thise quantities? :O

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