How to Buy Video Views on YouTube

Well it’s awfully silly, but did you know you can buy video views? I don’t recommend it. But it seems just a bit classier than creating a bot that automatically jacks up your view count (and you know who you are). What’s the point, though?

Does the meter matter? If you’re a marketer, you want behavior not just views. And if you’re an entertainer, don’t you feel a bit cheap by paying for views? Kinda like wearing someone else’s letter jacket (not that I ever wore my brother’s).

Now that I’ve warned you, here are some sites I discovered on this blog post:

Ewwww this is a sleazy business. It reminds me of my “cash to buzz” parody.

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  1. I wonder… is letter jacket recyclable?

    Anyway, I think this views-buying has been around since 2006… remember all those controversies with certain videos getting a suspicious amount of votes? Yeah, we all do.

  2. I remember view-selling from way back in Revver’s halcyon days. Not that any of that would do me any good now.

    Friday I was on oxygen (Dr A), hospitalized from 8 pm until I escaped at 4 a.m. Tuesday I got 3 new prescriptions (Dr B) and a consult for lab tests (Dr C). Actually, I saw 3 doctors Tuesday. Burned up my whole day. Thursday I got a new prescription and 2 shots in my butt from Dr D and 2 more new scripts from Dr E. Today I saw Dr F and got a lab consult for appointments in 2 weeks (a swallow test) and had a video tube inserted through my sinuses into my throat (tastes delicious–NOT!). On the 13th and 14th I have labs and consults from The Red Team (whom I haven’t met yet but their name scares me).

    I’m turning into an industry for LSU med students. I have 14 current prescriptions to take daily. Like I told one of my cute nurses: Who can f*ck in THIS weather?

  3. Eh.

    I think you’re just better off pimping your adorable little four year old and giving him a dollar bill whenever you have one.

    Safe travels, Kevin! Didn’t get to tell you last night…well…because I was deathly afraid of you. Bah ha.

    Just kidding…seriously! Don’t hurt me…

  4. Don’t expect those views to get to matrix’d into the “Most Viewed” or “Popular” charts, though. They have measures to avoid that, so is the cheating actually worth it?

  5. MDJ – I take lotsa pills a day too, though not quite so many as you, and yeah, procedures are not fun. I would wonder if it was even worth it, except that since I got engaged, life is really quite enjoyable. I recommend it. You might even escape those dope addicts you live with.

    About this pay for views thing – I got no opinion.

  6. Wait, Barack Odumbo is going to give food stamps and welfare to the Gitmo terrorists? I thought Odumbo was a traitor when he tried to get American combat veterans to pay for their own medical care but now I think he’s just plumb crazy.

  7. I’m not trying to pick a fight, but what I don’t understand is if you’re not willing to get involved by at least calling your Representative in a representative society what does it matter if he gives terrorists food stamps and wants vets to pay for their own health care?

    If you’re a banker feeling entitles to your bonus or a vet feeling entitled to your benefits it’s always going to cost in money and/or time. If either side is not willing to work to keep them the logical out come would be expect to lose them.

  8. Why? That’s all I have to say… No wait.. I understand why someone would do that, but since I DO play golf I appreciate the concept of when you cheat, the only person that you cheat is yourself. I think that YT is much the same game…

  9. @13 Obama and I are on the outs – he has to start popping some Banking CEOs and give GM to the workers not another know nothing AIG Liddy.
    Then maybe he can be my bff again

  10. I can understand this ‘pay for views’ from a vanity point of view and gaming ‘Tubers by making it look like you are *amazingly* popular, but from a YouTube algorithm POV, I suspect the value is watered down considerably due to the views from this payment all coming from the IP, or a handful, including proxies if they bother. If you don’t believe me, use one of the above and then check out your YouTube analytical data.

    Same goes for ‘ratings’ – whoopee, they have X amount of spam accounts and you get the ratings in return.

    I don’t recommend it either.


    1) Got FireFox as a browser? No? Download it from
    2) Download the following addon: ‘Click4Change’
    3) Go to the video page you want more views for and highlight some text on the page that you know will NOT change.
    4) Right click on the highlighted text and now click on ‘Click4Change’ -> ‘Custom’ and change the following settings;

    – ‘Refresh & Check Every’: Keep to seconds (drop down) and change the seconds to a relatively low number – just enough for the page to refresh and start playing a couple of seconds before it refreshes yet again.

    – ‘Apply randomization’: Again, keep to a relatively low number, but higher than the number you put for the first option above. (This helps make it look more natural (err, minus coming from same IP of course!) and possibly the shorter the vid is watched, maybe this will have a negative effect in how Youtube percieves how ‘good’ your content is. Then again, maybe that is another thing to watch out for these ‘pay per view’ services. Are they negatively impacting your video positioning on Youtube?

    – Lastly, ‘Allow navigation away from monitored page’ – This means the page will happily work away in the background while you open new tabs and carry on browsing… Or… start up your own Youtube ‘Pay per view’ service and have many tabs with many automations going on. Haha. Oh dear. :-/

    Again, I wouldn’t bother doing any of the above to be honest, but if you are hell bent on getting views at any cost, at least do it yourself for FREE, because those services above are getting your hard earned mulla for little to no real benefit to yourself… same goes for this naff MySpace ‘friend request’ boosting sites, etc, etc. ¬¬


  11. I went around searching for reviews of these websites which sell views, ratings, and etc.

    Here are my results!

    The best one is due to many reasons such as their customer service, their speed, and reliability.

    The other sites are all owned by 1 or 2 people at most which is not that professional.

  12. Thank you daemon for letting us know, here are some things I noticed.

    I believe Daemon is right, does have the best service. Also, just copied the idea, even physically copy and pasting contents, pictures, and etc.

    I believe MoreViews should sue for some cash!

  13. 100 bucks on Daemon & ‘Dr. Barron’ being the same person and first time contributors to this site, with those names. Well, I know that for sure. Google is a beautiful thing.

    TBH, if anyone wants real results, it looks like Mr. Naltz has this corner of the market well and truly sewn up with; Hitviews. Wait… can I do some real naff link building for Hitviews, please Mr Naltz? First of all, I’ll come back here in a few hours, under a different name, possibly a name that starts with the ‘Sir’ prefix, just to look even more reputable… oh and this time, remembering to add so it links.

  14. I don’t know what James is talking about, definitely offers the best services compare to any other sites.

    Also, the design of the site is great! I don’t know what you are saying.

    They also offer other services beside youtube marketing which is pretty good i guess.

    No software works currently.

  15. Here’s how to get lots of video views for FREE:

    1) Find a popular, niche-related video.

    2) Post a video response people will want to watch.

    3) You’re done!

    Note: YouTube won’t care about your views as long as you’re using this method, thus you don’t run the risk of getting banned. And again, it’s FREE so anyone can do it!

  16. Sometimes good videos are burred down in youtube just because there is no promotion (or bad history), buying views can be really good if you are producing quality content because it will cut the time – curve to your rise to fame. But if your videos suck then people will think that you are a spammer and leave bad comments.

    So i would recommend buying views only if you already have some feedback and deliver what people want.

    Also, this is our website for increasing YouTube views. I suggest you add it to the list : http//

  17. Well I agree with one of the posts above that this website is awful. However, would also suggest because they provide real human visitors very quickly and low price. I was much more than just satisfied with their service.. 😉

  18. I don’t know about other services, but I have used Views Guru. I bought 10,000 views package about 2 weeks back and got 12000 views delivered.

    That was just a small test i did. Now i have 3 new video releasing next week so will be buying from them again.

    Just thought to leave a positive feedback for them…

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