Rooting for Steve Wozniak. But Hoping He Falls Down Dancing.

Do you watch “Dancing With the Stars”? It doesn’t count if you’re Michael Buckley or work for ABC. I’d never watched the show until last night, when Steve Wozniak (former Apple co-founder) did the salsa with Karina Smirnoff.

He had a leg/hamstring injury, and my wife was watching it while on Facebook. So I took a sneak, and it was like driving past a car accident. I couldn’t NOT look. I found myself *seriously conflicted*- I was rooting for the effeminate, talkative, overweight, and geeky but determined and cheery old man. Sure- I was hoping he’d wipe out like any guy… even just a modest spill or fail.

But he did the Wozniak Worm and survived the salsa. The judges even gave him a perfect 10. My wife said that’s bad, though, because the total possible score is 30. But it’s still a ten, right? Shutup- he’s married and it’s not gay to cheer for him on. Or cruel to hope he falls down on live television after of a leg injury. Dang- I’m entitled to my opinion, right?

Well, I had to post this video (“Conflicted Over Wozniak”) because wifeofnalts promptly returned to Facebook after telling me about her new favorite Comcast commercial (which I just found on YouTube and now I have a really irritating ear worm I hope I shared with you). Sorry- I’m not showing any footage here. I don’t need ABC attorneys showing up in my garage.

The end title was from a goofball t-shirt I made. Dare me to wear it in public? Now THAT would be gay. Go ahead and iron your own (image below).

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10 Replies to “Rooting for Steve Wozniak. But Hoping He Falls Down Dancing.”

  1. Did the Myspace thing…got bored with it.
    Did the Facebook thing…got bored with it.
    Did the Twitter thing…got bored with it.

    What am I to do?

    Kevinito, you need to give your phone number so I can send you vulgar texts or something…now that would be fun!


  2. I never watched this show until this season either, when I heard knew Steve-O was on. That’s how big of a Jackass fan I am. Of course, I am embarrassed about it. I mean, I’m 15 years old, and I am actually now excited and hoping David Allen Grier gets voted off tonight, and that the Woz gets hurt again. You see? I even called him The Woz. I am one sad stupid little freak.

    Of course, I also enjoy watching it because of Edyta. Hotness personified right there.

  3. Last season I was hoping to see Paul McCartney’s ex-wife’s leg fly off while she was dancing. I didn’t actually watch the show though… I figured I would just see it online if it happened. Now if Steve could throw his leg across the room I would be impressed.

  4. Don’t care about “Dancing with the Stars”.

    DO care about Facebook. I, too, am addicted. I find it is now the biggest time-waster in my life. Maybe I should friend Jo and we can waste time together. 😉

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