Spring Allergies Game: Don’t Blow It

With Spring arriving, it’s time for seasonal allergies. Nasonex celebrates with the launch of Don’t Blow It, a free online-video-game where you have to avoid the common triggers. You play a personified nose, which is far more appealing and interesting than the frightening “dorky Spanish Nasonex bee.”

And the nose game is cheaper than Club Penguin. I happen to like the music and “achoo” sound effects better, and maybe my kids will accidentally learn something in the process… other than to be terrified of an animated hispanic bee. 


11 Replies to “Spring Allergies Game: Don’t Blow It”

  1. What’s with the new obsession with Club Penguin all over again anyways?

    It’s like crack to those boys. They were literally hurting eachother over it…all 4 of em!

    So I let them have all the crack they wanted last night. Their pupils were HUGE.

    And chocolate, too! Not to mention plates and plates of Kraft mac and cheese…only the finest for those kiddles.

    Boy will they be in a surprise when they have internet hatin’ child starvin’ Emmy today….AND tomorrow!!

    Bah hahaha!

  2. I’ve been lucky enough not to have allergies to pollen or anything like that and so Spring is not an issue for my allergies. For me it’s dust mites and that’s why the desert is ideal for me. Growing up in San Diego I had sudden allergy attacks quite frequently. Dust mites like humidity and so they are pretty much non-existent in the desert!!!

  3. I would like the long, boring posts if they didn’t focus on industry trends in an industry I have no interest in. How about some long, boring posts on personality disorders, Sylvia Plath’s son’s recent suicide, or the biological correlates of men and boys liking things that go boom.

  4. @DaliahK

    Or ones about me and why I’m so awesome?

    Sorry…I haven’t been commenting that much lately, I need to get back on track.

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