15 Replies to “Why I’m Grumpy and Not Calling You Back.”

  1. @2
    I am currently living with 2 low I.Q. redneck beer-swilling drug addicts, one senile and the other passes out in bed while smoking and pukes a lot. Both have been institutionalized in nuthouses and one is a convict. They’ve poisoned my dog 4 times and I suspect me twice. The house has a ghost, bad wiring, bad plumbing, black mold and no insulation. There are tire-burning hillbillies next door.

    Yes. I need a new place to live.

  2. I remember when Bobbie Battestia was a real news personallity. I feel so much better now that the everyone else in the world can be as morose as me. Cheers!

    (Goes off to chug corn syrup)

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