Preroll Ads Still Work (in the Movie Theater)

Well we’re no fan of preroll ads, but apparently cinema ads rank among the top media categories for audience attention (source: Jack Myers’

Oh, the findings are sourced to sponsor We’re not sure, but we suspect the test group included 24 male employees of Screenvision who just finished watching a trailer of hot chicks ninja fighting in a swimming pool full of hot sauce and whipped cream.

What? You’ve been bitching about my posts being too long and boring. This was neither.

3 Replies to “Preroll Ads Still Work (in the Movie Theater)”

  1. ah Kevin we’re not really bitching, it’s just that your posts are so thorough and insightful that we don’t have anything else to add, you leave us almost speechless 😉

    @1 hot sauce and whipped cream, does she have a heart attack at some point in the movie?

    if I watch something on hulu or joost I’d rather have a long movies trailer than constant interruptions every few min by stupid commercials.

    In fact if they said please watch this trailer it’s how we make our money to bring you this other crap, I’d watch, might even leave the sound on, but I hate when the internet acts like TV.

    Anyone got anything to report about how paid subscriptions service are doing over the net? pluses and minuses?

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