Small & Easy Camcorder for $89 (a bargain site) is listing the Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F260 $89 plus shipping. It’s a good buy if you need an affordable, portable video camera. These won’t give you great resolution, but they’re small and sufficient for most online-video. More importantly, they’re very easy to use — from shooting to drag/drop to desktop for uploading. I like hiding them in a paper cup (with a small hole) as a hidden camera.

Just try not to have too much movement when you record. I have a few of these floating around for moments where I need a quick shot or vlog. My recent rant about the Mac Shuffle used one, although it was a more recent model.

Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series f260 camcorder

Example of me using the newer generation Flip (pretty close to what you’ll get), while I whine about the Mac Shuffle:

7 Replies to “Small & Easy Camcorder for $89”

  1. I just bought one at Target LAST NIGHT – before I saw this post – and I definitely didn’t pay $89.00! Geez!

  2. RE: Woot – that was the most delightful review I’ve ever read.

    I need a video camera, but I think my Csx100 is better than the Flip. Though the flip looks like a nice one to have around on the fly. I may have to win a video camera or wait until someone upgrades and buy used.

  3. I see that none of the fancy pants youtube partners who went to youtube live will benefit from this post. Because they got their flip camera for the lowest price of all! No dollars!

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