Help Me on Prank Video? Seeking RC Helicopter…

I’m planning a video where I dunk a cookie into people’s drinks while they’re not looking.

I’ve spent 30 minutes Googling, and I can’t seem to find a remote-controlled helicopter that is strong enough to carry an cookie… and can hold a charge for more than a few minutes.

Anybody have lots of time on their hand, or know about RC helicopters? It’s just got to be easy to fly, and can’t run out of juice right away. And it’s got to be strong enough to hold a cookie.

Ideally it’s not much more than $100, but more importantly I don’t want it to fail and then send me back to the drawing board. You’ll get credit in the video if you lead me the right way! 🙂

I know they exist, because the helicopter in this video was carrying something MUCH heavier…

7 Replies to “Help Me on Prank Video? Seeking RC Helicopter…”

  1. God, you’re in a funny mood this morning. No, I am not addressing Nalts as God. Okay thanks for refreshing my memory on the RC-helicopter carrying a dildo … saw it some while back and forgot all about it.

    Remember though, “you just can’t make these things up,” as the lady at the city council meeting said.

  2. The dildo WAS the helicopter. Make a video of that helicopter dunking cookies, and I think you’ll create quite a buzz.

  3. My suggestion is to find a radio-controlled airplane club, and look for someone with a helicopter to fly it for you. I knew someone with an RC chopper many years ago – it was a beast to fly, and crashed very easily.

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