I’m a Wikiphobe


Who edits this thing?
Who edits this thing?

I’ll admit it. I’m a Wikiphobe. I know of some errors on wiki pages, but I’m afraid of the concequences of fixing them.


I used to tell brands they don’t control their message, and then magically a Wikipedia entry appears about me. Then I realized I don’t have full control of my own brand. But everyone likes the smell of their own brand.

Dare I fix them, or will someone get mad? Does this have to be as complicated as assembling a piece of Ikea furniture?

Will someone simplify the process for marketers and lay people? I use Wikipedia because I believe it has social forces that keep it balanced, and because it ranks high on Google. But I can’t pretend to know the underground pipes that lay beneath the Magic Kingdom. The one where Mickey walks around headless.

There are so many layers and priveleges and politics and unwritten and written rules. What’s a girl to do?


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  1. the reason I don’t use Wikipedia (or at least try to edit it) is because for the most part, all of the moderators are the single most irritating, nerdy, terrible, arrogant, stubborn jackasses the internet has ever seen. No matter WHAT I try to edit on there, those darn editors track me down and destroy it. No matter what. Even when I tried to upload a picture of YOU, NALTS, they took it down. But that didn’t matter, so they just got rid of it. Ugh. I hate those people! I would say that on the list of most irritating groups of internet users, they rank 4th behind Youtube haters, fangirls, and YTwatchdog fans.

    Now I’ll bet that at least one person from each of those groups will come to this comment section and attack all of us. I apologize in advance.

  2. oh, and seriously Nalts. When the heck were you in a video with Andy Dick!?! That’s what your wiki page says, and I don’t recall you being in a video with him.

  3. Just jump in and do it. Look at the way other entries are done, and copy that. If someone messes with it, keep fixing it the way you want it. If it’s all accurate, how can anyone object? My experience is limited, but that’s what I did.

  4. I fixed a couple of spelling errors on mine once. I also added the “NBC” part, which was new last year.

    Why the hell not? It’s there, it might as well be accurate/up-to-date. We don’t have PR people, Naltsy. We have to do it ourselves.

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