Punch Your Neighbor, But Check Your Frustration at the Door

Haven’t been to Dailymotion in a while? Check out the “Big Mexican Punch Up.” It’s a tradition that dates back to feuding neighbors, but the mayor cautions us that participants, by rule, can’t have been involved in a dispute prior to the event. They don’t want them venting frustration as they punch strangers repeatedly in the head.

It’s an odd Mexican tradition. In America — a civil nation by contrast — we gather with family, toss drunken insults, and call our festival “the holidays.” 

8 Replies to “Punch Your Neighbor, But Check Your Frustration at the Door”

  1. We’re definitely more civil than these heathens.

    Hey, who else saw Jackson vs. Jardin on UFC 96 the other night? Some friggin’ awesome hits! Man, can’t wait for football season to start again.

    Face it, people everywhere love seeing other people get the snot beat out of them. A while ago I read one of Lisa Nova’s tweets from a hockey game. She was all excited because she had just seen a big hit and she knew it was gonna be a good game.

    I’m watching “Snoopy Come Home” with my kids right now and Snoopy and Lucy are having a boxing match. Snoopy already kicked the shit out of Linus.

  2. Howdy y’all! Didja hear about the place in Corpus Christi, Texas where health care workers forced mentally disabled patients to fight each other? Just heard about it on CNN. Boy howdy, I sure woulda loved to have seen them retards bash each other. Yee haw!

  3. Yeah, a douche like you should stick to stuff you know. Like “How to Properly Slap a Woman”. That way you’ll get more than a few hundred views.

  4. Oh joy! I wish they had “Punch your co-worker in the face” tradition here in America! Would be a glorious, celebratory tradition indeed! No checking of frustrations needed!

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