Your Beast Will Go Deeper?

Parody of sex spam

What? Haven’t checked your spam folder recently? It may be time. I just registered on Brandon Hardesty’s fan site (is that totally gay)? And while waiting for e-mail confirmation, I checked my spam folder. Here’s the quote.

Feel power and strength of your ancestors when you drilling your woman. Her moans will go one after another in rhythm of your hard ramming. 

Folks, spammers are poetic. I want to see this copyrighter describe other everyday tasks.

  • Eating: The souls of history satiate through the rabid consumption of flesh and vegetables.
  • Smoking: Pile-drive painfully repressed emotions deep into the Al Qaeda caves of your breathing organ.
  • Pooping: Release the fragments of your inner species and give your colon salvation.

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.

10 thoughts on “Your Beast Will Go Deeper?”

  1. You forgot drinking:
    Attain the urgent euphoria and amnesia to plunge your memories deep into the wormhole of your subconscious and apply the balm to your lowly existence.

  2. Nalts, I love you and all, but you of all people should get the distinction between copyright and copy-write… right. A copyrighter would be (I guess) someone who applies for a copyright, or grants one. A copy writer is someone who writes copy, such as for ads, magazines, or spam.

    I’m guessing a foreign-language translating site is the source of the purple prose. Try translating the spam back into Nigerian.

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