THRU YOU | Kutiman mixes YouTube

It’s all the rage on Twitter and Digg. It’s called “Thru You,” and it’s a mix of YouTube videos. I haven’t seen it yet, of course. Seems it’s so popular the website crashed. Makes me even more curious. Maybe it will work tomorrow.

thru-you or on you tube

Well that’s what you get for going viral on your own website, Kutiman. If you’re going to mix YouTube, post it on YouTube eh?

5 Replies to “THRU YOU | Kutiman mixes YouTube”

  1. this was very cool.

    …and goes to show just how STUPID copyright laws are when you bring the creative human element into the mix. This is inspiring and a big fat shame stuff like this could be squashed by corporate rat finks at any minute!

    I hope his channel doesn’t get pulled, LIKE MINE!
    (excuse me – still harboring a little resentment)

    See them all quick just in case

  2. If it doesn’t grab you at first, keep watching and listening. Listen to the whole thing. It’ll get you.

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