10 Replies to “Taking the Hospital Bands Off Your Soul”

  1. I finally got momma off the xanax and booze. That’s better than any watermelon seed-spittin’ or cow paddy-tossin’ prize. I know I’m not pretty and my methods inelegant, but I stick like a Rocky Mountain Blood Tick when I’m on a mission.

    Thanks for featuring my mission statement!

  2. Ah, I was happier and carefree back then when I took my screen name from the crack motel I was living in intermittently. It’s 3:40 a.m. and I just had the police over to the house but they wouldn’t take my sister away with them. Next time maybe.

  3. Marilyn, if you’re going to point that out, could you also be sure to mention that the plural is “lenses,” not “lens’s.”

  4. This was a total rip-off. I wanted to see the gory bloody scars. I never get to see the stuff I really want to see. Just one more way I’m victimized. Damn you, mdj!!!! Damn you!!!

    P.S. Kevin, it’s lens, not lense. Just trying to reinforce the spelling nazi’s message.

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