Depression Cooking on Video

I type this post as NBC’s Today show suggests the recent “Dow Disaster” is the greatest wealth destruction ever. Matt: “it doesn’t have to be the Great Depression, but maybe a mild depression.” I’d be watching Lost, but my wife likes her bad news.

So is Spam, Vienna SausagesĀ and amRamon noodles starting to break that recession budget of yours?

Try watching some videos on YouTube’s “DepressionCooking” channel.

Clara and Her Owl
Clara and Her Ceramic Pet Owl Began Looking Like Each Other in the 1940s.

93-year-old Clara, seen above with her ceramic own, shares food and stories from the second-to-worst US economic slowdown since, um, now.

She likes lentils because they’re cheap and nutritious, but I caught her cooking with meat. So I’m thinking she’s secretly a wealthy Trump heir that draws her warn facial expressions from that owl.

8 Replies to “Depression Cooking on Video”

  1. We are eating cardboard cereal boxes, leftover cat food and snow from the front yard for hydration. Otherwise, everything is copacetic.

  2. That stupid old bitch needs to go out to Olive Garden and spend her way out of depression. What a loser!

  3. I can’t wait to curl up to my book tonight that features stories of the depression. It’s called “First Person America.” I bought it on Amazon with a trendnet 300 mbps wireless easy router for 44 clams.

  4. @6: You sure are commenting on your own posts much more than usual, Kevin. Why not go out and make a video instead. That;s why we’re all here, begging for your next bon mot. In case it mentions a video, that is.

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