New Sitemaps: Can Google Crawl the Video on Your Site?

An important note from Google about how to ensure your videos are easy for Google to find…

Video Sitemaps: Make your videos discoverable
[Original Post by Amit Paunikar, Product Manager]

Indexing video content presents some unique challenges, and if you have videos on your site, you’re probably wondering how to make sure your videos are discoverable through Google. We want video publishers to know that we’ve made it easier to submit your videos to Google. First, we’ve simplified the submission process for sharing your Sitemaps with Google. Second, we also extended our Video Sitemaps support to include Media RSS feeds. You do not have to specify the Sitemap file type—we’ll determine the type of data you’re submitting automatically.

The more information you make available, the easier it is for us to crawl your videos. Here are a few simple things you can include in your Sitemaps to make your videos easier to find:
1) Landing page URL: This is the page where the video is hosted. It’s better to have a unique landing page for each video on your site.
2) Video thumbnail URL: Thumbnails provide a strong visual cue to the user. Your video thumbnail should be representative of a snapshot from the video, and should not be misleading in any way.
3) Title & Description: If these are accurate and descriptive, they not only help Google understand your video, but also help users choose the best video search result. Providing information about category, keyword tags and duration is always helpful.
Whether or not you have Video Sitemaps or MRSS feeds, of course, it’s important that you make sure that Google can crawl and index your video sites correctly. Make sure you understand how Google crawls, indexes and serves the web. Review the Webmaster Guidelines that will help Google find, index and rank your site. We’ve also updated the Google Video Help Center to include more information for video publishers. While there’s no guarantee that our spiders will find a particular site, following these guidelines should increase the chances of finding videos from your site in the search results.

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  1. I have a drawer full of leftover oxycodone and similar stuff, but I’m saving them for a rainy day. Never again will I be in pain and have to beg for meds. I will always have a stash. The Lord helps them who help themselves.

  2. ^ I know what you mean, but I live with drug addicts. They’re like brain-eating zombies. A drawer full of similar stuff in my room would boil their blood.

  3. So I’ve spent 4 wonderful days without touching pain killers (and honestly haven’t missed them much). That’s because the docs gave me vicodin, which I find is like Rum– but Percocet is like a lovely wash of caffeine mixed with a warm xanax. Out of Percocet, but probably for the best. 1/2 a Percocet usually inspires a video, though.

  4. As far as painkillers go, I try to undermedicate myself just enough to still feel 10 percent of the pain so I’ll know if something is still wrong and where it is. Does that make sense to y’all? All other medications I take exactly as directed. I’m down to 6 non-painkiller-type medications now. Yay!

  5. suky, go out and get yourself hit by a car or something. If you survive, you’ll get more painkillers than you can shake a stick at – and for years to come. Quit begrudging the rest of us our good fortune.

  6. I just got back from the local emergency room and scored an ativan injection in my butt. I like benzodiazepines. Thought I was having a heart attack but it was only hypoglycemia. That’s gonna cost me $1182 just like 2 weeks ago when they misdiagnosed me with sinusitus.

    Just run down to your local emergency and run in circles screaming “Fix me this time, you BASTARDS!” and you’ll get the shot. Sure, they put a security guard on me but they bought me lunch when I stopped writhing on the floor.

  7. Last time I went to the ER was Easter Eve 1 week after I had gall bladder surgery. They installed an IV port and pushed me off next to the woman whose foot was so badly broken that it had long since turned black. I arrived at 1am over the next 7 hrs all I could do was wait.

    As I struggled to find a comfortable position and not complain too much, I overheard a nurse mutter something about drug seeking in my general direction. Since I hadn’t used anything stronger than Advil since leaving the hospital, I made an honest appraisal of my situation and decided the best course of action was to remove my port and go to the closest building that didn’t so closely resemble a VA clinic. This turned out to be home…to wait for morning to call a real doctor. This was all to the chorus of protests that I was leaving AMA.

    I don’t go to the ER unless there is something wrong. And next time maybe not even then.

    Oh and I don’t want to hear any guff about how the president is going to fix all of this.

  8. Universal health care is going to turn all hospitals into VA clinics. Y’all are gonna hate it.

    Another hypoglycemic attack tonight. Screw the local ER, I got into my sister’s tranquillizers and found some old Christmas candy under the couch cushions (we haven’t celebrated Christmas in this house for 10 years). Self medicated. No paper shuffle.

    Tomorrow I roll back to the Shreveport VA, armed if necessary.

  9. I feel so left out, I have no addictions. Maybe I’m am alien, just really boring or explains a lot of things…

    I took a friend to emergency a few years ago for a very bad sore throat; turned out to be strep, anyway the doctor gave him morphien.
    I said, ‘for a sore throat?!’ she called in pain management.

    I didn’t care much for doctors after that, perhaps that’s why I have no drug addictions.

  10. Dang- I should put Google ads in this blog. I’d make a butt load with the terms we’re using on this thread. Marquis- that does make sense. Someone reminded me recently about the importance of pain- it makes you realize you’ve got a problem. I’m trying to use relaxation and deep breathing to replicate the “I’m on a percocet so I don’t care what you’re doing or think of me” feeling.

    Marquis- I’m really surprised to hear you paying out of pocket for treatment. You’d probably be approved for any free drugs through togetherrx or other programs directly with manufacturer.

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