FailBlog: Doritos for the Brain

My friend used to call MTV “Doritos for the brain.” It won’t help you nutritiously, but it makes your brain happy in moderate doses. And that phrase is a wonderful way to think of the “fail” movement. 

I’ll now introduce you to (or perhaps remind you of) 2009’s “Doritos for the Brain”: The term “Fail” is the hot, new vernacular for mistakes, stupid moves, someone getting powned, or ridiculous moments. When you hear “Fail,” think “the opposite of success, but without even really trying.” Or check out this FAIL wiki to explore the term in greater depth… and see the classic “accident” photo of the train hanging from the second floor of a train station in Montparnasse, France. Whoops. 

The videos feature some highly rated and funny moments (check FailVideo on YouTube, since the original FailBlog account was yanked due presumably to “terms of service” violations). We suppose most of these are ripped and reposted, which means they won’t soon be making ad revenue from the popularity of the videos.

When you’re done chuckling at random images or videos, you may want to submit your own photo using the LOLCat builder

A very popular video this week is this debate with the Verizon folks about the difference between .002 cents and .002 dollars. Hey, I like any videos making fun of Verizon since the set boxes it makes me rent monthly are like using a TRS-80 from Radio Shack. You actually have to know how to program DOS to surf the On Demand 14-layer menu. And by the time the box registers that you want to play tonight’s American Idol, the next week’s episode is probably playing. 

Back to Fail.. this particular video “Woman Parking,” isn’t from FailBlog, but we think it’s worthy.

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10 thoughts on “FailBlog: Doritos for the Brain”

  1. oh please Nalts! I’ve been to that website at least twice a day since the first day of December! I even to submit a picture to it today! Let’s see it THIS ONE makes it. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  2. too many to list, but I’ll share a few varieties of fail I’ve collected

    fake fail? you decide

    fail that works – it’s a cult

    non fail fail

    people have actually asked me how to do this

    history – when fail was first recognized <- a failed guess

  3. I just discovered failbog’s channel a few weeks ago, so I’m glad to know what the new one was. I love those videos.

    I usually give up on parking spots after the third try. It’s just too humiliating.

  4. Oh I’m not alone? Reubnick lives on it, Sukatra made a zen one. Marquis- I blog to compensate for my lack of video production.

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