21 Replies to “Video Tips and Maybe Win YouTube Book”

  1. I feel a Christmasey sorta lovin’ on these comments. Warms ya right up.

    I should sign up. I like Alan, he’s a smart fellow. Plus, I can always use more reading material.

    On an unrelated note, why are so many people still upset about “octomom” Nadya Suleman? Yeah, she’s got a bajillion kids. Yeah, she’s living off disability. Sure, we’re all paying a small percentage of her family’s expenses while she gets cosmetic surgeries and hires a nanny with a $2000 monthly salary. But seriously, at least she’s a real person. We just gave $800 billion dollars out to businesses who most everyone agrees are responsible for the economic nightmare the US is in, and barely anyone’s batting an eye. What gives?

  2. 1. I agree with somecallmejim.
    2. make a new video kevin.
    3. marquis, I do not know what a blood booger is, but I assume it’s associated with that tumor that just got took out. Hope you don’t get any more of those.
    4. marquis, not to pry (well, in fact to pry), what is the plan following your surgery if you don’t mind telling us?

  3. @8
    Short term: keep my mom and sister away from my painkillers.

    Long term: more surgery, lose weight, stop smoking, bury sis, bury mom, move to Dallas. Or something like that. Why?

  4. holy crap it’s February 20th already?

    @6 whoa hang on, he’s a kid, watch the language or his mom will call your mom.

    @7 she didn’t have plastic surgery, but I don’t know why they are picking and hating on this women.I bet there are a few women out there that have had at least 14 abortions, maybe more. If the feds want to regulate the medical implantation industry fine by me, but once implanted… it’s her uterus.. I do agree with your sentiments on the bank bailout and my solution is, eat the rich. Liking the State of Michigan right now [click]
    @8 #3 agree!

  5. Yup, this February went by superfast…

    Nalts, ViralVideoWannaBe sounds like a weak parody of ViralVideoGenius, why don’t I see your books flying around? “YouTube for Dummies”? “YouTube: Quick and Dirty”?

  6. @11

    1. that skull bra braw makes you look sexy, and you KNOW that’s saying a lot.

    2. May we safely assume there was no malignancy? that there will be no radiation/chemo?

    3. I know I’m nosy, but I worry for people I care about, even the curmudgeonsly ones, you old bastard.

  7. @16

    Let’s hope they don’t decide it’s a loss and just amputate the whole head. That would just be a mess.

    Get better soon, so we won’t feel like dirtbags for pokin’ at ya!

  8. bleahhhh…. seems like everybody I know has something disgusting wrong with them. I’m surrounded by – old people.

    And no wonder! I live in a retirement community! Plus all my peers are old people!

    How’d THAT happen?

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