YouTube’s Fred Appears on Nick’s iCarly This Week

Well you heard about it here back in September 2008, but YouTube’s most-subscribed “Fred” finally makes his appearance on Nick’s iCarly. The episode airs on Nick this Monday, February 16 at 7:30 EDT (source). 

In this debut for Fred, iCarly’s Freddie (played by Nathan Kress) declares his disgust for Fred, and Fred stops making videos. See Fred’s promo below…


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  1. great. Now I have to buy a new monitor and a pack of bandaids because I punched the screen too many times.

    I wonder if I had thought of the “speed up your voice” thing before Fred did, if I would be the #1 most subscribed. Because, I mean, we look practically the same.

  2. Hank is a Satanic Fred in the mornings before his meds kick in. However, he is too wiley to let me get it on cam. Whenever he sees the camera come out, he stops the screaming and just sits there and looks at me.

    If I have to watch a kid screaming on youtube, I’d much rather watch David from the Dentist.

  3. @Sukatra- I’m tempted to top that with a Charlie comment, but he’s been sick for two weeks. So I’ll give him some room.

    @Marquis- what? I’d put it besides the finest videos ever… like my month long lunch break. Oh send that URL again. I miss it.

  4. sukatra “look, if you don’t behave I’ll pull the camera out!”
    Now that’s power.
    hide it 😉

    @4 jealous!
    Fred just paid his whole future college tuition to Harvard, in cash!

    @2 every You Tuber has a lost and wayward cousin, it’s never too late!

  5. Ignoring Fred specifically for a second, was anyone annoyed with the promo spot in general? It felt like they were yelling at me and pushing it down my throat that if I didn’t see the episode bad things would happen or something. Lay off Nickelodeon, geeze.

  6. @5
    Hahaha. 99.999% of all YouTube videos are stinking excrement, including my crap. I’m okay with that stat and so are you. What’s irritating is someone reaching down into the shitpile, grabbing a wet, reeking, steaming turd, holding it up and saying “This is good” and thinking I’m stupid enough to believe them. I’m stupid, but not THAT stupid. Thanks for the lunch break plug, though. I like you, Kevin.

    “Successful” does not mean “good” or even “healthy” or even “not evil” or “honorable.” It just means successful. There is a special ring of hell for those who corrupt the minds of children. Seriously. I’m not making this up. Ask any good Catholic. I’m sorry I had to bring this to your attention. Really. I feel bad about being a buzzkill. I’m going to take my hydrocodone now and leave y’all alone.

    P.S. There IS some stuff I like on Youtube. Stuff I really really like. Stuff that has raised my heart or entertained my mind. But I’m not going to share.

  7. @6 Successful means different things to different people. I’m finding it’s not fame or money, although the latter should would be nice.

  8. I was friends in jr high with this dude who was just like Fred. We would make stupid-ass movies with our Super 8 movie cameras. He was really talented. He composed music on his Apple II/c or whatever it was. Too bad he wasn’t born later, ’cause he might be a YouTube hit today. Now he’s just a bitter old queen working in IT in Nebraska.

  9. Haven’t checked the most subscribed list since 2007 (that was the time when you dropped from it, Nalts), thanks for keeping me up to date.

    Also, is this “iCarly” thing on TV? Just in case it is: TV is overrated.

  10. @8 whoa wait, who said anything about success? What I was trying to imply was that Fred is laughing all the way to the bank. I wouldn’t necessarily call that successful, I’d call that cashing in on a one sided sophomoric display of a dysfunctional family and making light of abusive relationships. Fred, like any teenager, found a way to manipulate and captivate an audience on a topic few people would ever want to confront in real life. To that end he probably deserves icarly.

    but since you brought the topic of success up… we just saw a slue of bankers walk away with million$ for failing. I wouldn’t call that success either, I’d call that dumb luck or robbery. They are, however, only successful to this end, if we, the public, let them get away with it.

    I guess I’m a moderate when it comes to what is considered successful and would agree with Kevin that it means different things to different people, at probably different times, in different stages in life and history.

    The US Revolution was a success – Great Britain failed to keep the American Colonies. Perspective. Of course wars never ends and any kind of success, like life, is only and always temporary.

    That said, I found this intro to be more than a little annoying, perhaps even boarding on child abuse; meaning if some smart ass loud mouth kid spoke to any kid of mine like that I’d box their ears and punch their lights out, then probably end up in jail. However, as a responsible and successful individual or parent I’d mumble some obscenity, wish more people were like me then turn the TV and the You Tubes off or look for better and higher forms of programming along with a few like minds.

    btw – you’re PS was unfeigned, but was also a great disappointment.

  11. So this aired yesterday, anyone see it? Was it as bad as the promo made it look? 🙂

    Oh and
    @13, Kelly, not exactly the same thing (though never saw the original so can’t really compare), but check out You Can’t Do That On YouTube: to try to relive YCDTOTV in a small way 🙂

  12. What the hell? You people critisize him too much. I should Know I have my own webshow called Bizarre Explorers. He is very talented, and hey, maybe even cute! Please just try his vids, they are the most hottest things on the internet, besides himself!!!!

  13. Wow,fred is soooooooooooooo cool…and the voice he does on the fred videos are soooooooooooooooooo insanly cool.Plus fred is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute to.One ? 4 fred,are u gonna b on iCarly again?

  14. fred is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooot with a capital HOH.

  15. u need 2 look at this site people are using bad words like [ass,shit,crap,suck,]and thats BAAAAD.

  16. WTF u people r crazy fred is awsome who knows where i can get the whole thing??? i missed it 🙁

  17. he is like so hott and his voise aint really like that dummies! but hey he is really sexxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. eu gosto de vcs beijos eu gostooooooooo de vc simpris mente a miranda casa com ela frede chama ela pra sair ela é linda né fala assi

  19. Fred is a dicksucking gay fucking douche-bag. His videos are shit and babyish time-wasting crap. Fred can go to fucking hell and no one can say else or they can join that donkeyball sucking fucktard in hell. So any Bastards who like fred will suck his damned dirty blooded pet donkeys dick, YOU ASS-WIPES!

  20. haaaaaaaaaaaa cara eu amo o icarly tomara q a segunda tenporada venha logo ppro brasil freddy vc e lindo love you forever icarly beijos pra toda galera de icarly sam adoro vc o icarly nao teria graça sem vc e o spencer e o gatinho do freddy sem ofensas carly kkk.

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