New Intro to Simpsons

It’s the new opening to The Simpsons, and it’s spreading like wildfire according to Viral Video Chart. And if you’re a Simpsons fan, you can get lots of DVDs at your local Circuit City for 40% off. I passed on them, because I can’t watch the show in my house without the kids gathering. 

What do you think? Too similar to the original? Do you love the original too much to accept a change?

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  1. I think it is cool. I guess they decided to add in some new shots when they updated the show for the 1.78:1 HDTV aspect ratio. We’ll see what they do with the opening sequence in future episodes.

    -Scott Summit

  2. I like the Harry Shearer suggestion – I’ve never been a huge Simpsons fan, actually surprised the show is still on, so I can pretty much take it or leave it

  3. I’ve watched for 20 years, and it never gets old, new intro or not… However, after any given time, freshening up is always needed… I mean, I’ve been married for 8 years, and I could certainly say that… okay, well, I probably better shut up now.

  4. It has evolved, just like I’m sure Blink 182 will, once we hear their new stuff. 🙂 So meh, nothing wrong with that at all. Can’t stand people who can’t cope with change.

  5. They needed to update the intro. not only for HD, we’re talking over 18 years of hilarity all having to be encompassed into one 30-60 second intro. ie. Marge buying Mr. Sparkle and tomacco juice, and Bart skating by Apu and his 8 bebe’s.

  6. felt slow at the begining and is obviously longer so when it’s placed in the episodes it’s going to be edited down, but I think it’s ok. After so long I appreciate more the the characters getting personified in the intro. 🙂

  7. The new intro is great. It is like the old one just cleaned up and extended. The animation is reminiscent of the movie as is the animation for the entire show.

    Definitely two thumbs up.

  8. Hard to top Family Guy even though I didn’t get to buy Seth lunch at Burger King, but that’s okay since I found out Goldman Sachs owns Burger King. I am now anti-Burger King [click and scroll]

    At least I didn’t contribute to the problem.

    Pats self on back and all those who boycott Burger King.

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