12 Replies to “Christian Bale Tantrum on Terminator Set: Now Video!”

  1. I still suspect it was all a viral marketing campaign for the new Terminator… because that was when I heard about it for the first time.

    Also, Christian Bale got quite some bonus points in my book with this verbal ass-kicking that he did.. I am not really sure what makes everyone snicker at the audio/parodies though.

  2. it takes 1:09 to get to the joke. it should’ve taken 7 seconds tops. Both my parody and my pal Kevin’s were superior to this. Mine ended up airing on E! while Kevin Brueck’s has like 250,000 views. Check ’em out!

  3. Yours was based off someone else’s creativity, and wasn’t that good. It has 1/3 of th hits that this one does…

  4. I’m starting to lose faith in mankind. Most people on all these baords are bitter, frustrated, angry, snot nosed teenagers with nothing better to do than rip on other people’s creativity, because they’ve never done anything creative in their life except play warcraft and jack off into a different colored sock every day…

  5. @10: I’ll have you know i am so far from being a teenager that I could be one 3 times over. I just didn’t care for this video. I am entitled to my opinion. I am also creative. Perhaps not in video, but in many other facets of my life.

  6. “This blows” is not “I didn’t care for this video.” “This blows” is “I’m angry with myself and disappointed in my life, so I need to deride someone else because they actually got off their butts and did something other than surf the internet…”

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