10 Replies to “Recession-Proof Entertainment: Tissues in the Wind”

  1. Nalts, you and your family are like a smiling piece of Americana for the 21st Century.

    By the way, editing and videos keep getting tighter and tighter. 🙂 YAY!

  2. The absolute funniest part of this is the fact that your family thinks farts are a normal form of communication.

  3. this is no competition to my new sport, Head Bang Ball. It’s way too complicated to explain what it is, though.

    Actually, if I ever felt like filming it, I have a script upstairs for a video about Head Bang Ball. It would probably just be really long and boring, though. Tissues in the Wind wins.

  4. You know I should just stick with posts like this. The comments are far more entertaining than when I write about the industry for an audience of about 3 people.

  5. Love your PJs, Nalts. The girdle looks so good on you, too.

    Also, I’m with sukatra. Do you medicate WoN? Is that why she is always so calm, smiling and tolerant in the face of your pranks and flights of fancy?

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