Most Popular YouTuber of the Week

It’s amazing how one popular video about Superbowl commercials (see video, which is at 1.6 million views) can turn a YouTube “has been” into one of the top partners of the week. (Bows, humbly).

The problem with a popular video is that it makes you scared to post another. It’s hard to go from a big one, to a regular daily one that gets 20-40K views. Kinda blocks the creative juices.

Note that this explosive Superbowl video had lots of views, but barely impacted subscribers. These were views by “grazers” and don’t really help in the long term…

most popular youtuber

10 Replies to “Most Popular YouTuber of the Week”

  1. Well, that is why you better have a business plan laid out for each video in advance :> …including the ones like dwarf horse farting.. well, especially those.

  2. Send me the ideas you’re hesitant to make. I’ll make the video, and if both people who watch my videos approve, you can confidently release it yourself.

    Since neither myself nor both my regular viewers get many views, nobody will know.

  3. you really need to read your comments nalts – the first bump was an embed on a sports talk big time football radio program then it got a second bump when it made it’s way to Japan.

    ride the wave, post something quick!

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