David After Dentist- Remix

Well you heard about this video here at WillVideofForFood first (I hope), but here’s the remix (a rap song with instrumental added to key quotes). I give you “David at the Dentist” remix. The kid be flippin.

  • I feel funny
  • Is this real life
  • Why is this happening
  • It’s just from the medicine
  • I have 2 fingers. Good.
  • I can see everything.
  • Is this gonna be forever. 
  • Stay in your seat. Seat, uh huh. 

7 Replies to “David After Dentist- Remix”

  1. I like these remixes. The ones with the grape lady and Bill O’Reilly freaking out are pretty funny too. That guy Toby is pretty talented. He learned “Classical Gas” in like a week.

  2. I did indeed see it first here! and I flipped out when the video was played (in part) in the TV show The Soup.
    my family fears me
    whenever I see videos or youtubers on tv i start screaming. XD

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