Matt Laeur Joins Snuggie Cult

Snuggie Cult!

GetSnuggie sells blankets you wear, so you stay warm but have your hands free. And they look like creepy cult robes.

So here’s, perhaps, my favorite video of 2009… The Snuggie Cult.

Even more ironically, Matt Laeur on the Today Show just said the following words to tease the segment: “Coming up next. A look at the Snuggie sensation. Why is it gaining a cult-like following?”

Peter Coffin, sir, if they don’t play your footage on this segment, shame on NBC. And to you, dear Today Show interns… don’t forget that YouTube is your ultimate contemporary b-roll source!

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  1. I hear that these things are so popular that they are backordered to the point where if you bought one now, you wouldn’t get it until March. Just in time for Spring.

  2. You know, I also noticed that Yahoo refused to put a link to this video in their front page story about the snuggie’s cult like following a while ago. In fact, the only video link they DID give out was to a video that was obviously made with Windows Movie Maker that had white text and a blue background. Those are the worst.

    Maybe it’s the bit about roasting the dog babies that scares them. Wimps. That video is great AND true.

  3. @3 Backordered. And I was going to get one for my wife as a joke. Hey Snuggie! If you’re blog monitoring (as you should) send me a pair, and I’ll go in public wearing them.

  4. WOW!!! I saw that segment on the Today show too!!!! Isn’t that cool???? We were both watching the same TV show at the same time!!!!!

    AND I was thinking about you while I was watching this segment!!!!!! What a coincidence!!! Thinking “I wonder what Nalts is doing right now. Is he watching the today show? Is HE wearing a snuggie? Is he wearing it over pajamas?? Does he have that hot sexy back girdle on??” Or maybe he’s just wearing women’s panties!! Boy, I sure hope he’s just wearing women’s panties. That would be HOT!!!!!”

    Oooooooooooh. I creeped even myself out with that one.

  5. @Nalts – thanks for putting this up!

    @sukatra – If he’s not wearing women’s panties, he’s thinking about wearing women’s panties.

    @Marilyn – LingOL? I’ve never seen that one before but thank you!

  6. I wanted to do something mocking the Snuggie, but as always, Peter with his enormous brain and modest manhood (or so I’ve been told) beat me to it. Curses!

    Seriously though, it’s a hilarious parody of the original. Deserves to be featured.

  7. Peter,

    Now that you’ll be famous, you know the kid gloves are off. Every one of you videos from now on will receive scathing review, just because I can.


    Just kidding. Congratz lulz.

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