David After Dentist: I’ll Have What He’s Having

This is a priceless video. I want to party with David and his dentist…

You have four eyes. I feel funny. Is this the real world? Is this going to be forever?

From the description we learn the details from creator Booba1234:  “This is my 7 year old son who had an extra tooth removed last summer, 2008. I had the camera because he was so nervous before I wanted him to see before and after. He was so out of it after, I had to carry him out of the office. The staff was laughing and I had tears it was so funny.

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    “Is this going to be forever?” LMFAO! I said that the very last time I got baked. At least that kid had someone to look after him and didn’t have to wake up in pile of dirty underwear and bang water. Ah, college!

  2. @6

    That is classified info. This will be reported to the FBI pending your use of illicit substances trial.

  3. OMG! I was flipping through the channels and there was this guy freaking out on a plane, and it’s FRINGE!!! OMG! I was wrong! This looks cool! The plane crashed! GOTTA GO!

  4. This is a riot! Reminds me of when my son had his 6 wisdom teeth (that’s right; he’s so smart he had 2 extra!) removed. He was older than this kid, but still pretty funny when he came out of anesthesia.

  5. Hi, I’m feeling sorry for the kid, he has this video of him FOREVER!!!!!!!!

    Why do people think this is funny ? Can’t you feel for the kid? Geeeeeeeeeez we are such a bunch of insensitives…..

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